Monday, July 6, 2009

Picture request

OK lets see if we can have some fun with them. Tell us what you would like to see nothing very vulgar like the scatting and golden showers but fun requests.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


OK so Duane said yes. I was thinking no way I am 8 years older. One Saturday night he calls and asks us to pick him up cos he was drunk. I went and picked him up we got back and he laid down on the couch and sat next to him. Husband was just sitting on the love seat saying I am going to bed you all can come if you want. We all go back and I lay down in between them. Hubby starts taking off my clothes and next thing I know I am naked and I am kissing Duane. His fingers were exploring my pussy with my hubby's hands spread my legs for better access for Duane. Hubby leans in and says suck his dick. So I made the move pulled the sheets down and cum was already oozing out but I sukced him hard again while hubby was probing my pussy with his cock. He came in me and then Duane grabs me and pulls me on top. I start riding Duane now at this time I have not bought my breast yet but he still played with them. Well he came once and he was drunk soooo he ummm kept me busy he was using the book for kama sutra. He decided doggy was fun cos he got to slam his cock in me. Now he is not longer than my hubby but thick and THICK is great. When he was doing me doggy my hubby decides to use my mouth now that was fun. He did not last that long in my mouth cos Duane was using it good. He would said man I love how you fuck. Then he gets me on my back and starts again. Now he would have made me orgasm but he decided to change positions every 5 10 minutes. Hubby turned on the playstation and played it while Duane and I played. Duane lasted 3 hours and hubby helped me orgasm luckily. Duane had my legs up un the air and hubby slid his finger in my ass so Duane is fucking me while hubby is fingering my ass GREAT!!! I orgasmed hard and when he came I ended up filled and leaking. That was our first 3 some but the start of many more


Well I worked with a girl and I thought maybe my husband would like if her and I played. We all went out and we got back she went to the restroom well I started to suck my husband's cock while she was in there he heard the door and tried to pull back I did not let him go and she walked out and asked him what would you do if I kissed Renee. He said probably cum so she kissed me and started rubbing me. Next thing I know we are in the bedroom and all of us our kissing and rubbing and then she slid down and started to lick my pussy while my husband was fingering her and kissing me. One of the best feelings I have had. She was eating me fingering me and husband was kissing me til he stuck his cock in my mouth. I came huge big orgasm. Oh the MMF so after she got done she asked so have you ever fucked 2 guys I said no she said that is fun, she told us about her experience. I said no way til I met Duane a younger 20 yr old friend of my husband.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009